Beyond SEO – Search As Research

Marketing, SEO Feb 19, 2008

I don’t think enough has been written about the benefits of keyword research beyond simply one’s search optimization plan.

For instance, what about using one’s keyword research as a window into the buying preferences of your targeted consumers? Might not such numbers determine not just what keywords to target in the future, but the entire approach to your product as well?

I’ll use the long tail results provided and highlighted by the HitTail service as an example. Say you are in the business of making chocolates. A relatively good portion of the long tail results you have received through HitTail involve variations of the phrase, “chocolate covered strawberries.”

Well heck – maybe moving your business into specifically manufacturing chocolate-covered strawberries would be a good idea! These long tail results are giving you more than tips on good SEO – they are giving you market research.

Take another example that this interesting article on the subject from Media Post proposed – movies. Say you gather from analyzing search query volume that one movie has significantly more “buzz” than another. This might be helpful to project not only what film might do better at the box office, but where one’s marketing budget might be better spent. Or you get a bunch of long tail results like “Movie X Horrible” and “Movie X Bomb.” Maybe the long tail is trying to tell you something important about “Movie X.”

I think there are so many applications to SEO research and services like HitTail that we just don’t know about – yet. It might be advantageous to explore these options on our own and take advantage of them before the general marketing community does.

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