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Marketing Mar 31, 2008

Hello and welcome to HitTail’s “Web News Hits” where we provide you with a selection of some of the most interesting posts on Web 2.0 and online marketing. Topics of interest to “Web News Hits” include:

* Blogging
* Optimizing your site for search engines using targeted keywords (search engine optimization or “SEO”)
* Social media like Facebook, Digg, Wikipedia, and YouTube
* Content management
* eCommerce systems
* General online news and views

I hope you will join us every day for this new feature. And if you have any suggestions for articles and posts we might have missed — let us know!

Search Engine Land’s Jill Whalen explains her four reasons why “We Don’t Need SEO Standards”

Yahoo has launched a new online magazine for women: Shine. Is the launch of Shine an attempt — among other cool features and services that have cropped up as of late — by the company to boost their value in the wake of the Microsoft takeover bid?

Conversation Marketing provides a list of the “49 Things You Are Doing That You Probably Shouldn’t” in Internet Marketing

Here’s an interesting post from BlogStorm: “Linkbait In Difficult Industries.” The reader who inspired the post asks:

“For example, SEO for a funeral directors? Or kitchen fitters? I can think of a few funny videos that would go great on a funeral site, but I don’t think the client would find them suitable!”

Wikipedia celebrates over 10 million articles!

Mike Jones at Search Engine Watch explains the role of branding in social media marketing:

“Many brands are wary of exposing themselves on social media sites, but as anyone who’s been involved in social media for more than five minutes knows, they’re too late. Their brands are already exposed, and the community is talking about them, whether they choose to get involved or not. Rather than trying to avoid the conversation, brand marketers need to create a strategy to engage online influencers and social media users who have the power to make or break their brand.”

Facebook in China? David Snyder, guest-blogging for Marketing Pilgrim, has a report.

Check out the 96 Women Bloggers to watch for!

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