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Marketing Apr 2, 2008

Search Engine Watch has a round-up of some of the funnier April Fool’s day Internet pranks.

Amazon.com now allows you to shop via text message, Mashable reports (will this make those impulse buys more irresistible?).

Ad Age explains “Why ’08 Isn’t Mobile’s Year”:

“Each year since about 2000 — and maybe even before — has been wrongly touted as the year of mobile marketing. And this year won’t be it either, despite the we’re-not-kidding-this-time rhetoric being spouted by mobile-marketing boosters converging for telecom’s big powwow in Las Vegas this week. Here are five reasons why — and five fixes that could make 2009 the year the channel becomes really, truly, we’re-not-joking meaningful.”

ReadWriteWeb has an overview of four services that allow users to conduct polls on Twitter.

Why Blog? The New York Times Provides A Compelling Reason: A Book Deal!

The Blog Herald establishes the “Blog SEO Basics”

Want to connect with friends old and new on your iPhone or Blackberry? The Social Media Trader lists a whopping 38 social networking sites for your mobile phone.

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