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Marketing Apr 4, 2008

Should you blog for business or pleasure? Copyblogger attempts to answer the question.

Business Wire reports how Craigslist’s income in 2008 could be as high as $100 million:

“Craigslist, the free-classifieds Web site that has become a global phenomenon, is expected to generate $81 million in revenue in 2008 and could easily top $100 million with a few simple changes that might improve the service, a new report shows.

The report from Classified Intelligence, the leading consultants in the classified advertising field, estimated growth of 47 percent over $55 million in revenue for Craigslist in 2007.”

Google is testing middle of page one box results
. Search Engine Land wonders,

“So, I am not sure why Google is testing this implementation? Maybe it is because they are finding the universal search user interface is confusing the searcher?”

Problogger presents an excellent post on “A Strategy For Building Niche Focused Blog Networks”

Search Engine Watch continues their look at the evolution and future of social search:

“The social graph has brought new meaning to social search and marketing. Your contacts and friends are certainly one source of search relevance and subject authority, but are they the best source?”

Online Media Daily
reports on the big plans underway for MySpace Music.

More “couch potatoes” are parked in front of their PC than TV, Ars Technica reports. An interesting tidbit:

“Shorter clips, however, are still the most popular things to watch online. Five times as many viewers watch clips of shows as those who watch full episodes, said the report, with 75 percent of the clip content originating from broadcast or cable TV content.”

Finally, Lifehacker looks at the “Five Best Instant Messengers” from a variety of applications and services, from web-based chat to desktop clients.

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