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Marketing Apr 7, 2008

Facebook will be launching their new chat service, ReadWriteWeb reports

The New York Times reports on Yahoo’s new ad system:

“Yahoo said the system, called AMP and still months away from being ready, would greatly simplify the task of selling online ads, allowing Yahoo’s publishing partners, for instance, to place ads on their own sites as well as on Yahoo and on the sites of other publishers in the company’s growing network.”

Meanwhile, Ars Technica has some quibbles with NYT’s recent “blogging yourself to death” article…

…and Marketing Pilgrim also responds to the New York Times article, explaining “Why I’m A Tortoise In a World Of Blogging Hares.”

Search Engine Land reports on a study that finds blended search resulting in more clicks for news, images, and video:

“Among the various content types now showing up in blended search, “news” results were found to be the most clicked form of vertical content. The study’s overall findings reinforce a point increasingly being made: marketers need to broaden and optimize their various content types to be found in blended search results.”

Pro Blogger teaches you “How To Target The Right Social Media Sites”

Finally, the SERPzone provides “14 Little-Known Sources of PPC Traffic”

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