Broad match not always best for PPC

Keywords, SEO Apr 11, 2008

If you run PPC search marketing campaigns, are you aware of “broad match” functionality? It sounds good in theory for those advertisers who are busy and cannot think of every possible keyword under the sun to add to their PPC campaigns. It allows you essentially to add a wildcard. Come up on all ads that include X or Y, no matter what other keywords are appended afterwards.

Obviously they have not been using HitTail to let their audience do the brainstorming for them! Sure, we are biased and hold strong beliefs in getting very granular about the terms you want to focus on in the long tail. That’s why we allow you to export your HitTail suggestions for use in PPC campaigns.

Fortune 1000 marketers in particular should think twice about using broad match for PPC advertising because once you get big enough, then you will probably have to deal with public relations problems at one point or another. However, that doesn’t mean you have to pay to make it worse.

When a crisis emerges, new keyword combinations that you may not have expected could suddenly become more popular. That’s why it’s safer to specify exact search phrases.

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