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Marketing Apr 14, 2008

Search Engine Land points out that Google now fills out forms and crawls the results — potentially opening up material on the so-called “invisible web.”

Speaking from the experience of a company that has been bringing visibility to the deep web for years, webmasters should not rely on this service alone. Even if Google does start filling in forms, the results will not be optimized.

Ad Age asks: “Does Your Company Need A Chief Blogger?

“It’s a question marketers are still grappling with years after the first waves of corporate blogging flooded the web. But for better or worse, it seems corporate blogging — and the title of chief blogger — is beginning to hit its stride. Companies such as Coca-Cola, Marriott and Kodak all have recently recruited chief bloggers, with or without the actual title, to tell their stories and engage consumers.”

PPC Hero asks: “Are You Selling Your Keyword Research Short Because You Have A Poor Research Strategy?”

Somebody at the Search Engine Watch forums has spotted that AdWords Ads are now live on Yahoo…

Here’s a useful post from Copyblogger: “Five Lessons From Newspapers to Boost Your Blog’s Circulation”

Seth Godin explains the difference between “Catchers and Throwers” in the online marketing world

…and Logic + Emotion presents “The Top 10 Made Up Words Of Web 3.0”:

“2. Viruseful.
Viral marketing initiatives that are actually useful.
“Not only did Shave Everywhere make me laugh—I was able to configure and purchase my new electric razor online”

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