“Is The Mobile Web Dead?” And Other Web 2.0 Hits

Marketing Apr 15, 2008

ReadWriteWeb asks: “Is the mobile web dead?”

Good question! We think it just might be that reports of its impending death have been greatly exaggerated. Certainly, having a fully-functioning mobile web requires a consistent web viewing platform and resolution (at least getting it down to four with iPhone, Opera, IE Mobile, and Android). Right now there are just too many flavors out there. At least with computer monitors, you can be reasonably sure that everyone will have at least 800×600 if not 1024×768 and greater — but with phones, there are so many formats!

Still, we think there is a lot of untapped potential with mobile.

Onto today’s other posts of interest:

Blog Storm ponders Google’s policy on using “widget bait” to rack up links

John Battelle notes that Google’s share keeps climbing…their search share, that is.

Meanwhile, Search Engine Land explores the search benefits of the blogosphere with a handy illustration:

Problogger looks at a “new breed of blogger,” inspired by this Seth Godin post:

DoshDosh explores the seven essential characteristics of a popular social media profile:

And finally, Techcrunch has announced that Twitter is testing advertising in Twitter streams…

…and that that there is apparently some confusion over deleting Facebook news feed reports from one’s profile.

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