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How To, Marketing Apr 25, 2008

Problogger writes an excellent article on “12 Ways to Be A more Interactive and Accesssible Blogger”

Wired discusses Amazon’s cloud computing capabilities:

“Key in your Amazon ID and password and behold: a data center’s worth of computing power carved into megabyte-sized chunks and wired straight to your desktop. Clones of that HP tower cost 10 cents per hour — 10 cents! — and they’re set to start spitting out widgets as soon as you upload the code. Virtual quad cores are a princely 80 cents an hour. Need storage? All you can eat for 15 cents per gigabyte per month. And there’s even a tool for monitoring your virtual stack with an iPhone.”

In an interesting development, Yahoo will be including Facebook profile images in its search results.

Chris Boggs at Search Engline Watch presents “SEO confessions of an Online Reputation Management Junkie”

“I admit it — I’ve been tracking search engine rankings for my name for years. But online reputation management isn’t all about ego or checking out a Friday night date anymore. Your career and future job opportunities are at stake.”

Time Magazine presents its first annual blog index. Surprisingly, the number one blog isn’t Huffington Post or Techcrunch — it’s Blog di Beppe Grillo:

Beppe Grillo, a popular Italian comedian, actor, and political satirist, writes one of the few non-English language blogs that’s become wildly popular worldwide. That’s because Grillo speaks the international language of outrage.”

And the The New York Times reports on the shift in online advertising, looking past mere increased brand awareness to as many clicks as possible.

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