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Long Tail Keyword Tool, SEO May 6, 2008

Mike LevinIt’s time for me to come out of hiding and start posting again. Like happens to every prolific blogger occasionally, that pesky thing known as real-life interferes. I’ve finally got a nice tight grip on the reigns, and can take a few moments to re-engage the world through the HitTail blog, which seems to have only been getting better and better in my absence. Kudos to Valerie, Ambar, Adam and all the other (mostly Connors) team that keeps this thing one of the top blogs in marketing.

OK so enough back-patting. HitTail’s momentum continues strong, and we have some very exciting things planned. I’ve decided to take up my propensity for prolific pontification in the SEO arena that dates back to being the Inktomi moderator in the original Search Engine Forums, and re-engage the blogging and SEO (and now… SEM) community.

Whaaaaaat? SEM?

But Mike, you’re the SEO guy. OK well, Gary Beal’s persistent message to me about HitTail being an awesome tool for PPC, right up there with SpyFu and WordTracker, has finally gotten through my thick skull, and I now view SEO and SEM as virtually the same thing. Basically, in all things online-marketing, you hedge your bet by using just about every service that you reasonably can that Google provides you. You never know how they’re cross-indexing their data from different systems to calculate relevancy, and I think it’s important to keep a hand in each of them–AdWords, included. I’m managing about $5K/mo in AdWords campaigns just to keep myself engaged on that front. I need to know that stuff well for…

…well, you’ll just have to wait and see.

Until then, I’ll tell you exactly HOW I’ll be re-engaging the community. Primarily, it will take place here on this blog. But I’ll be practicing what I preach in actually ENGAGING IN HITTAILING . So essentially, the headlines of every blog post I make will be constructed based on HitTail suggestions. I’ll try to document how well these posts do in driving more traffic to the HitTail website, seizing first-positions in Google results on terms that are actually driving traffic, and the various tweaks I perform here to this Blogger section of the HitTail site itself in optimizing it for search. Contrary to popular wisdom, simply starting with Blogger Classic using the FTP feature to transmit the file into a subdirectory of an existing site is a good start in blogging for traffic (there ARE other approaches). But there are dozens of tiny little tweaks on top of that–many of which apply to all blogging and CMS platforms–that can still be done. We’ve done a bunch of them, like putting the title tag text in the anchor text of thepermalink . But there are others we have not done, such as tweaking out and promoting the RSS feed of this site for maximum reach in subscriptions and syndication, such as on iGoogle. I’ll be covering that stuff.

And finally, I’ll just be exercising my writing muscles, because using HitTail for SEO can be tough–only because of the “actually having to write” part. It requires a sort of discipline and getting into the groove that doesn’t come easy, and lags off quickly. It’s just like going to the gym. It’s tough to start, but once you do the adrenaline rush keeps your momentum going day-by-day, but if you stop even for a couple of days… BAM! You’re out of the game.

Well real-life took me out of the game for awhile, but in the words of George Castanza, I’m back, baby!

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    Valeria Maltoni

    Glad to hear you’re back, Mike. You are a good writer, so go for it! Looking forward to reading more 😉

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