Active VS. Passive Online Marketing

Marketing May 8, 2008

Mike LevinNow that I’m active blogging again, I want to point out exactly how effective HitTail has been at doing nothing–and how effective “nothing” has been as a strategy between major announcements. I’m reading Seth Godin’s Purple Cow, and he offers numerous examples of how if you don’t have something brilliant, its better to do nothing than to do forced or contrite promotions to keep the Marketing department busy.

Like everything else we do, we’ve broken the model by NOT inundating our userbase with permission emails. Free HitTail users keep getting it got free even though we’re been out of beta for a year, and paid users are getting their writing suggestions via email. We diligently collect HitTail quotes off the Web, and answer all questions (no matter where they’re posted). Besides that, all’s quiet on the email front.

Yes, even though we’re a company with roots in public relations, and certainly have the gift of gab, you’ll find no email newsletter from us with forced topics for the sake of keeping some artificial schedule. Instead, we put our resources put into providing a superior service, and planning a future for HitTail users that will surprise and delight you as much as our first go-around.

But what if you’re hungry for more?

We keep an active forum and blog with RSS feeds, and for the truly HitTail-hungry, they get their extra fix. For everyone else, we just gently reach pit by email when we REALLY have something to say, thereby letting you know its something to actually pay attention to, and not just noise.

The concept of “active” vs. “passive” online outreach comes to mind. Such concepts exist in sonar/radar (submarines sending out pings vs. just listening) and even in keyword position monitoring (querying Google vs. just analyzing your log files). Well, the same exists with online marketing.

A brilliant passive system is best, because its less spammy and obnoxious–putting particiants at ease because they SOUGHT YOU OUT. You reading this? Chances are, you found me– which has a little something to do with HitTail being awesome.

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