Forming Good Writing Habits for HitTailing

Mike LevinThe enemy of the sort of steady, reliable HitTailing that results in the traffic-building snowball effect is habits, or lack thereof. Once you’re in the writing habit, its easy to maintain. But once out of the habit, its hard to re-start. So, what breaks the writing momentum?

With me, its the need to work at a PC that breaks the momentum. I’m either at work on my employer’s time, or at home not wanting to take the time. My best opportunity is on the NY subway, where I have no PC–not even a laptop, because I travel lite.

So, I’m tapping this entire post out one-handed on my iPhone. And that gets to the real purpose of this post–illustrating how to HitTail better by modifying habits, and fitting HitTailing into your daily process one way or the other. The reward of dominating your market niche is well worth some behavior modification. The trick is to make it only a minor and enjoyable behavior change.

In my case, its mobile HitTailing. I’m getting very good at the iPhone’s on-screen keyboard.

My first step is to log into my HitTail account to look at my To-Do list–not the easiest thing in the world on mobile, so I’m noting that to talk to the product development team. Anyway, I pick a phrase and get myself into the mindset to write about it. Then, I start a new note and write.

Try to finish. Don’t get too wordy. The value of getting it out there quickly exceeds the value of getting it perfect. You can always refine it later.

When done, simply email it to your blog’s auto-posting email address (you need to set that up beforehand).

Get the subject line right, because its what gets targeted in search. Use the HitTail writing suggestion exactly (adjusting capital letters only) if it makes sense. If not, work the suggestion into the headline without rearranging or dropping words. We’re going for exact matching here. Its the exact match where the traffic exists, and being just a little off could prevent all your potential traffic gain from being realized.

If what you want to write about doesn’t exactly match a HitTail writing suggestion, then its better to append two phrases to make a new thought than to change the word order. Use the HitTail phrase first in the sequence if you can, so the keywords don’t get chopped out of the URL by your blogging software’s URL length limiting functions.

How’s that for practical mobile HitTailing advice? Well, my stop is next. Gotta go. Let me know if you’d like to read more practical HitTailing advice like this on future posts.

Final point: after Blogger (or TypePad, WordPress or whatever) auto-posts your email, you can always go back and add pictures, links, and fix spelling. But meanwhile, that post is working for you, keeping that snowball rolling, and picking up more mass.

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