Blogging Software IS a Search Friendly CMS

SEO May 13, 2008

Mike LevinThis post is pure HitTailing. I'm both taking HitTail's writing
suggestions, and telling you one of the best kept secrets in search
engine optimization–blogging software does nearly everything
correctly for SEO, and have created a "just add keywords" environment.
Blogging software IS content management software for the web, which
follows the 80/20 rule. It does 80% of things right for SEO by the
time you've invested 20% of the time as everyone else.

One catch is that the keywords whose traffic you're targeting must be
ordered exactly correctly for where the traffic's actually at, then
turned into a headline. Headlines in particular in blogging software
hold search influence because it also becomes part of the title tag,
URL and links leading back to the page. This alleviates a lot of the
manual work SEO's spend a lot of time fixing in sites broken for search.

After you choose the right keywords to target in your headline, the
only difference in whether you're grab the homepage of Google or not
in short order is how competitive your targeted term is. One way to
ensure that you both receive traffic to be worth your effort is to
choose quality longtail keywords generated by HitTail.

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    Sherry Tingley

    I can’t believe that I am finally understanding why blogging is important and how the search engines see the blog posts. Thanks for the info.

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