HitTail is now a PPC Product?

Long Tail Keyword Tool May 14, 2008

Mike LevinSo there you have it. I’ve been dropping hints for a few days now, but HitTail’s premium service for driving down CPC has just been launched… and HitTail is entering into the world of AdWords campaign optimization. HitTail is now a PPC product.

Yes, it’s true!

But how can that be? HitTail lands firmly on the free and organic side of search engine optimization. Isn’t this some sort of betrayal suddenly releasing features designed to encourage you to plow even more money into pay-per-click? Isn’t HitTail–the kooky company that always advocated freedom from PPC–reneging on its word?

The answer is No.

This is the creator of HitTail speaking, and after many months of managing AdWords campaigns, I’m here to tell you that HitTail methodology rocks the AdWords world–to the point where you can get a deal on the AdWords side that rivals PPC–and additionally have the satisfaction of managing campaigns that today’s SEM companies can hardly even compete with. In my recent experience, I set up a “longtail” campaign in AdWords, and systematically moved the best words into this campaign, knowing that there was already SOME traffic on these words, but we weren’t coming up on the first page of results. The idea with AdWords is to get these awesome longtail keywords WORKING FOR YOU RIGHT AWAY without even having to produce organic content for your site.

And it paid off in a big way… a very big way… a big enough way that me–one of the biggest advocates of better search results through blogging–to now also be an AdWords advocate…

…but only conditionally… on the condition of getting one over on AdWords.

What happens if you take the super-charged keyword lists provided by HitTail, where you know traffic is already occuring on your site, but not on page one, then you plug it into AdWords? The answer is you instantly get page on of search results (albeit in an ad) on words where some determined searchers went many pages in. So you suddenly tap into the exponentially greater number of people who never make it past page one, and a significant portion of these people click on ads. With effective keywords in-hand, instead of just moving them to your To-Do list and allowing them to unacceptably age, put them to work for you right away.

And the actual goal here is to lower your overall cost of acquiring customers (audience, visitors, whatever) by eliminating (at least temporarily), the most tedious and unlikely to occur part of HitTailing–namely, creating new website content. Now we still do encourage new website content as your long-term road to PPC freedom. But until you get that content out there, put the super-charged keyword lists to work for you.

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