How to use HitTail suggestions

One of our most frequently asked questions at HitTail is “What do I do with these HitTail suggestions?”. We created an FAQ on this topic but I’d like to create a list of all the different ways actual HitTail customers use their keyword suggestions.

Feel free to add your own ideas in the comments.

  • Create a new blog post using the suggestion as the title / headline
  • Create new pages or articles on your website targeting the suggested keywords (utilize article writing services such as the Content Spooling Network)
  • Add the suggested keywords to a Pay Per Click campaign (this is now made easy with HitTail Premium)
  • Use the keywords on your advertising or landing page
  • Use the keywords in your email newsletters to your readers or customers
  • Incorporate the HitTail keywords in your title tags and meta descriptions of existing webpages
  • Buy a new website domain using HitTail suggestions
  • Use HitTail keywords to determine product suggestions and stock new products in your eCommerce store
  • Use keyword suggestions to tag your YouTube videos or bookmarks

We’d love to hear how you use your HitTail keyword suggestions!

  1. Trojan Condoms

    I’m using hittail suggestions with my current site! Thank you!

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  3. sunita

    it’s very great tips……

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