Goodbye HitTail Basic, Hello TypePad and Blogger!

Long Tail Keyword Tool Aug 1, 2008

It’s been a great two years so far and we want to thank everyone who has helped to get the word out. We can hardly believe ourselves that HitTail is already in use on over 35,000 websites worldwide. And with that success comes a new chapter in our service. As of Tuesday, we will no longer be accepting new sign ups for the free HitTail Basic service.

But wait! If you already have a HitTail Basic account, don’t worry, because you’ll continue to have access to the same service you have today. We’re just putting up that velvet rope and marking off our early adopter VIPs. Only those who sign up after August 5th will have to pay for HitTail Plus or Premium. Of course, we hope our loyal users will also choose to upgrade too 🙂

Speaking of HitTail Plus, we would be remiss if we also did not mention our brand new feature. As of last week, paid subscribers have been able to blog about HitTail suggestions directly from the ToDo list interface. That’s right, no more opening another window and going into Blogger or TypePad. Save your credentials and start blogging without leaving that addictive real-time HitTail dashboard. For those who are new to the service, feel free to try it out in the demo.

And finally, speaking of blogs, our own blog just surpassed 400 posts. Yes, we practice what we preach and you should too! So get blogging.

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