Google Adwords Bidding Strategy

How To, Keywords Aug 6, 2008

So, now that all you HitTailers are jumping on the AdWords bandwagon, what about a bidding strategy? Well, it turns out that the keyword lists generated by HitTail are naturally deemed relevant by Google, and therefore are able to get the ads to run even while lowering your CPC bid to ridiculously low levels. Sure, it might half or even quarter the visits you get compared to an unconstrained budget. But you pay a fraction per click. I’ve been able to lower my CPC level to .06 with great success on high volume sites. On lower volume sites, I might suggest the .11 level to get some traffic rolling. And of course, you can use the HitTail feature to flow these terms directly into your AdWords account without ever leaving HitTail.

Eventually, you’ll want to go to AdWords and do some manual optimization of your campaigns. At this time, I suggest considering pulling your entire keyword list via the Export function, and import your keyword list en-masse into AdWords. AdWords will immediately deactivate keywords that don’t meet it’s criteria, or which exceed your CPC bid. That’s fine, because it becomes something of an experimential churn campaign, where every day or every few weeks (depending on the volume of your site), you dump the keyword list in again. Don’t worry too much about duplicates, as AdWords will automatically de-dupe. Over time, such campaigns become self-optimizing. But to really super-charge things, you start moving your best performing keywords into their own campaigns with more targeted copy in the ads, carefully selected landing pages, and bidding strategy.

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