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Keywords Aug 6, 2008

The biggest change in the industry lately has been the dramatic rolling out of new features in the Google Adwords Keyword Tool, where they added monthly traffic volume estimates, the Google Trends tool, where they report website traffic numbers in uniques-per-day in an Alexa-like graph (log in for absolute numbers), and most recently with their Google Search Insights tool, which is like an interative Zeitgeist. To a lesser extent, some new features are rolling out in Webmaster Central. And contrary to popular wisdom, Microsoft has some of the best keyword research tools in the industry wrapped into Ad Center–but it’s a pretty big learning committment to get to the point where you can use them. SpyFu remains the best tool, albeit expensive, for spying on your client’s AdWords campaigns. And of course, HitTail, with it’s new features including the rockin’ feature where you can add new content to your blog directly from your To Do list (which I’m doing now) is hands-down the best way to identify the content-challenged sweet spots in your website, and the actual mechanism to publish the content. Of course, I’m biased.

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    Thanks for this list – not only I’ve learned about new feature of HitTail but I never knew about Google Insights so far – I’m going to check it out. Thumb up!

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    Thanks for the nod to SpyFu. We may just have to humbly agree with your statement that SpyFu remains the best tool, but please let me challenge you about it being expensive.

    Even though there is plenty that you can accomplish with free access to the site (with no time limits), you’re definitely right that a paid subscription opens up much more comprehensive data.

    Still, that can be less than $40/month. So yes, that can be expensive for some budgets but might be classified as very reasonable for many.

    Thanks for letting me add my 2 cents.

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    Mike Levin

    Be sure to check out our most recent post on the best keyword tool.

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