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Long Tail Keyword Tool Aug 25, 2008
For a while now, users of the HitTail forum have requested an RSS feed that they could subscribe to–one that would help them keep up with HitTail announcements and rapidly inform users of new posts. If you go to the forum you’ll now see an RSS icon, which looks like this:

By clicking on it, you’ll now be able to subscribe to a general feed which updates with new posts in any topic, along with the ability to subscribe to a feed for a specific topic.

If you use an RSS feeder, the Feed URL for the general feed is here. And that’s it. Now you can be updated on everything that happens over here at HitTail as soon as it goes up, in real time! OK, maybe not REAL time, but you get the point…

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    Matthew Hui

    This is great. Thanks a lot hittail

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