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HitTail is one of the top SEO marketing tools available, especially at the price. Imagine being able to be hand-fed writing suggestion topics for your blog that are specially determined to have the ability to achieve top search position for your website? You might pick up 100 more hits/mo or 10,000 new search hits per month, based on a single blog post or new webpage. Results may vary, and we encourage using traffic esitmator tools such as the AdWorks keyword tool to help you decide which keyword suggestions to use. But this post for example is on the topic Top SEO Marketing Tools, because it was fed as a HitTail suggestion. How long do you think before HitTail itself is on page one for that precise search? Let’s watch.

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    Mike Levin

    I posted about Top SEO Marketing Tools, because HitTail told me I would gain top position in Google if I did.

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    Lars Krumme

    Just on a lark, I looked for your current position, and this post is at #36 for "Top SEO Marketing Tools".

    Thanks for all the good work with HitTail. I've been using your SEO Software since 2007 to generate article/blogging topic ideas and greatly expand the range of keywords that visitors are using to discover my sites.

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