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Long Tail Keyword Tool, SEO Dec 4, 2008

Mike LevinHitTail is worth checking out if you’re looking for the best keyword tool, but it takes a decidedly different philosophical approach to website optimization than other tools. It’s based on the premise that on any given website, something is almost working for you. If only you could give it that extra little nudge to push it from, say, 3 pages into Google results to the first page. HitTail examines the traffic on your own site to determine where these sweet spots are using techniques that no one else in the industry uses–period. There’s always a few people who say you can get what HitTail is giving you through your own web log files. But the truth is that your log files are going to report the same hits over and over, distracting you with stuff you historically know and should be filtering out by now. HitTail handles this by turning your historical keyword hits as a filter against current keyword hits, making the list that gets shown to you only the new stuff. So even for high traffic sites with tons of traffic from all sources, HitTail is the most capable software at zeroing in on the all-important tiny details. Such a detail may be, this is THE FIRS TIME this particular word combination EVER led to your site, and you’re positioning terribly on it in search results, and merely by adding some content to your site about that particular topic, you will be able to catapult yourself onto the first page of results, and pick up several thousand times more traffic on that word combo than you are currently.

Sweet, no?

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    Mike Levin

    No that it’s going to last (without fortification), but I went from hardly able to be found on the term “best keyword tool” to the first page of Google results–overnight! That’s right. For people researching that term, HitTail is now on the first page of Google results–simply because I new that potential existed thanks to HitTail telling me. That’s the power of a HitTail writing suggestion. Now whether this will last is another matter.

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