An Alternative to Internet Addiction

Long Tail Keyword Tool Dec 24, 2008

We at HitTail haven’t been blogging as much as we used to, perhaps because we too have fallen victim to the always-on 24/7 culture that has been simultaneously enabling yet paralyzing so many savvy Internet users. Although I do not personally use Twitter or Friendfeed, it is becoming an addiction to some like Robert Scoble. While he was the one mentioned on TechCrunch, I know others who use the service far too much to be healthy. I, for one, am happy just to post occasional updates and link to articles on Facebook. Yet I can tell even that small distraction has reduced the normal amount that I should be blogging.

Of course, we designed HitTail to be a little addictive, since it is one of the few truly real-time (dare I say, useful?) services. We love data, and the ability to access it via the Internet at any time. But we also know it can be addicting and paralyzing to sort through endless reports. That’s why we simplified analytics to just a few screens and combined it with a To Do list that you check off as you go, enabling you to act on that intelligence. And then we took it one step further, allowing an alternative way to get your keyword suggestions by RSS or Email so you don’t have to constantly log on to the site.

We feel it’s important that business tools adapt to our lives, rather than the other way around. So this holiday season, I hope everyone takes their eyes off the screen for a few minutes this time of year and enjoys the rest of what life has to offer. Don’t worry. When you want to get your latest Internet info, you can still get it sent to your other addiction — be it iPhone, Crackberry, G1, Treo, or Xperia.

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