The New Squarespace Widgets: Customization for Your Website

SEO Mar 23, 2012

Most website owners like to integrate their social media accounts onto their website so that their visitors can view their social activities while visiting their sites. The new squarespace widgets are a good choice for showcasing your social account and here’s why:

  • No matter how many streams you’re importing, the new squarespace widgets will load all of them at a super-fast speed.
  • Twitter may go down five times a day, but your site will never go down once – thanks to the new squarespace widgets.
  • With a full-featured Twitter widget displayed on your website, visitors to your site can read daily updates from your Twitter account.
  • The new squarespace widgets empower you to customize your display options to your likening. For example, you can show tweets that only have hash tags or specific keywords.
  • If you have a Flickr account, then use one of the new squarespace widgets to showcase your Flickr photos. You can display as many photos as you like in either a grid or slideshow layout. Filter them based on specific keywords.
  • Love gathering information from around the web? You can do so with the new squarespace widgets. The RSS widget is fully loaded to handle the job with ease.
  • With the new squarespace widgets, inviting people to subscribe to your RSS feed is a breeze.

In addition to integrating your social media activities onto your website, the new squarespace widgets are also good for promoting SEO. This is because its SEO friendly RSS widget can deliver syndication links straight to your site’s most recent posts.

Therefore, always keep your website’s web content pages updated with new content.

In short, the new squarespace widgets just make connecting on the internet easier. And customization is good too.  The new squarespace widget can indeed provide value to a website owner who values having social media connection to others.

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