Long Tail SEO: A Strategy of Opportunities

SEO Mar 29, 2012

There are website owners who are familiar with the term “long tail SEO” yet they don’t apply it to their websites. They figure that this internet strategy is too complicated and that in the end is actually a waste of time.

Not so!

There’s no complication whatsoever behind the long tail SEO strategy.

These thinkers are missing out on excellent SEO opportunities to draw a specific audience, or at best, more traffic to their websites. Here’s what else they’re missing out on:

  • Long tail SEO means less competition. This is because longer phrases are less likely to match similar sites. This, in effect, makes websites rank higher in search engines.
  • Better target of traffic. Though this was previously mentioned, it is worthy of more details. When visitors type a long tail phrase into search engines, your website can appear as a result if it has the right phrase in its copy – driving the exact traffic you need towards your website.
  • Higher conversion rates. Long tail phrases bring in higher conversion rates versus short tail. The reason is because internet users typing specific words are ready to make a purchase versus users typing generic terms.
  • Long tail works wonders with PPC. If you use PPC (pay per click), then you’ll want to bid on long tail SEO. You’re paying every time someone clicks on your ad, so don’t waste money on keywords that result in low traffic.
  • Long tail phrases offer a more descriptive detail about what you’re selling or offering. You’ll attract the right type of visitors to your site. And your PPC campaign money won’t be wasted.
  • Long tail SEO fits more naturally. When it comes to keywords fitting naturally into your website’s copy, you can’t go wrong with long tail SEO. It provides a more natural flow of words than short tail keywords; it also makes more sense in sentences.

One thing to keep in mind: natural reading copy can lead to a better understanding of your product or service. In effect, this leads to more conversions.

It makes perfect sense to use long tail SEO as part of your internet business strategy. You can begin putting your long tail SEO strategy together right here, right now at Hittail.





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    Long tail is something that SEO people are still not working that much on. There are so many niches to explore it would be a pity not to take advantage of the lack of competition.

    Thanks for the post!


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