SEO Marketing for Typepad

SEO Apr 10, 2012

Typepad is a popular blogging service used for personal and business weblogs. Chances are likely that bloggers who use this paid service rely on SEO marketing for Typepad to work in their favor in regards to traffic.

To SEO newbies, SEO marketing is:

An internet marketing strategy that involves making either a website or blog visible on an organic search engine results page such as Google.

When you employ this internet marketing strategy on a paid blogging service such as Typepad, you definitely want a high return on investment (ROI) for your money. And using SEO marketing for Typepad will definitely get you one – if done correctly.

So, how is SEO Marketing for Typepad done?

For starters, just having a beautifully designed blog isn’t enough. You must optimize it and that’s exactly what SEO marketing is all about.

And here’s how to optimize your content:

  • Write descriptive titles for each blog post.

Writing a descriptive title is a clear way to inform readers and search engines such as Google what your blog post is about. While creating your title, remember to use keywords relevant to your subject; particularly long tail SEO (read Long Tail SEO: A Strategy of Opportunities to see the benefits behind this).

  • Use SEO keywords throughout your blog’s content.

Using keywords throughout your content puts your Typepad blog in a better position of attracting the right target audience. This is because your blog will garner higher rankings with organic search engines; thus, making you more visible to searchers.

  • Submit your Typepad blog to search engines.

Inform web search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. that you have a blog. Type “submit blog” at any of these search engines for redirection to a URL submission webpage.

  • Make your SEO marketing more effective with regular posting.

The best way to see your SEO marketing for Typepad (or any blogging service) work effectively is to post regularly. Doing so indexes your pages faster with search engines; resulting in higher search engine page rankings.

SEO marketing for Typepad just got a little easier – thanks to Typepad and pinging.

Whenever you publish a new post, Typepad pings it to search engines. This informs them that your blog has been updated with new content.

In effect, search engines make this new content readily available for readers to search, find, and read. Just make sure you use the right keywords to make your blog post searchable – this can’t be stressed enough!

Overall, SEO marketing for Typepad isn’t “hard” per se, just hard work. Then again, success requires hard work, and success is what you want for your Typepad blog.



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