Why Buy Long Tail Keywords?

SEO Apr 17, 2012

As a website owner, you probably question every suggestion given to you regarding your website. After all, your website’s success depends on wise decisions.

Therefore, if you’re advised to buy long tail keywords, you’d probably ask, “why … will it help my website?”

Oh yes, it will definitely help your website.

Here’s how a decision to buy long tail keywords can help your website or blog succeed online:

•When you buy long tail keywords, you’re actually purchasing a phrase that’s likely more searchable than just one short, generic word.

•Using long tail keywords can help you reach the audience that’s in the buying phase of their search. They know what they want, and they’re looking for the right online business to give it to them.

By using the right long tail keywords, this can be you!

It should be noted that using generic keywords will only reach audiences in the research phase of their search; thus, they aren’t ready to buy. Since you want revenue, go for long tail keywords.

•You will rank high on search engine result pages – a big plus. When people use search engines such as Google, they always choose the websites listed on the first page.

•There’s no need to worry about massive competition. This is because a lot of websites overlook long tail keywords as part of their online marketing strategy. Build your success on their misjudgment.

• Long tail keywords will make your web content read better. This is because it provides more of a natural fit versus generic keywords that are stuffed throughout the text.

Hittail: The Ultimate Search Data for Underperforming Long Tail Keywords

When you buy long tail keywords from Hittail, you are getting keywords that have been thoroughly analyzed. With over 1.2 billion words, you’re sure to find the right long tail keywords for your website, blog, pay per click (PPC) campaigns, and email marketing.

So when you’re ready to buy long tail keywords, look no farther than Hittail.

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    How is Hit tail affected by (not provided). My site is now getting about 40% traffic through (not provided).


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      We’ve found that a lot of the (not provided) traffic appears to be direct searches for your company name, which don’t do anything to generate keyword suggestions. Most sites are running around 10% (not provided) so there is minimal impact. You would obviously see more, but it would simply mean less suggestions than we could provide 6 months ago. Not 40% less, mind you, since as I said, many of the (not provided) searches are for head terms that wouldn’t generate good suggestions. Depending on your traffic, you might need 20% more to receive the same amount of suggestions, but if you have a couple thousand or more uniques per month you’re going to have plenty of suggestions to work from.

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