Five Writing Suggestions for Creating Great Web Content

SEO Apr 26, 2012

There’s one thing every website needs besides a domain: web content. It can’t be bad “why the hell am I reading this crap” web content, either.

You’re online for the purpose of attracting an audience, so you need great content. With that in mind, here are five writing suggestions that will garner you these results:

  • Use long tail keywords. You simply can not go wrong with long tail keywords. Not only does it put you in less competition with other websites and gain you higher SERP rankings, it also reads better in online content versus using a generic keyword.
  • Make your web content informative. The online audience craves information; give it to them. Make sure your content answers all of their questions in a clear and entertaining manner … information doesn’t have to be boring!
  • Start each web page or blog post with a descriptive title. This informs your audience what the upcoming content is about. This is also an excellent time to include a long tail keyword.
  • Create content that’s easy to skim. People read the internet totally different from the way they do a book or newspaper: they skim it. So keep this in mind by creating easy-to-read content with short paragraphs, bullet points, and subheadings.
  • Write web content that reads naturally. Granted, people skim instead of read the internet. However, you still need to produce content that reads naturally, and using long tail keywords can help you do this.

The Best Writing Suggestion for Creating Great Content

Of the five writing suggestions, using long tail keywords is the best advice that you can take. This is because long tail keywords have so many benefits to its use (read about those benefits here).

To be honest, even with great content, without the use of long tail keywords, you’re cutting your chances of success in half because … well, its benefits are just that good!

Since you’re here at Hittail, you’re in the right place to begin searching for long tail keywords that will put power in your great web content. So start your power search now!


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