A Free Long Tail Keyword Tool Isn’t the Best Choice for Your SEO Marketing

SEO May 1, 2012

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We all like free stuff. And sometimes free is good. Some examples of free being good are free product samples, free trips, buy one get one free deals … you get the picture.

However, in the case of business involving search engine optimization (SEO), you might want to closely think twice before using something such as a free long tail keyword.

I know this advice comes at tough economical times when anything that’s free seems like a fabulous deal. However, given that SEO is the dominating factor behind a website or blog’s online success, as previously mentioned, you’ll want to think twice before using a free long tail keyword tool.

Here are five reasons as to why you should:

  • Most free long tail keyword tools rarely give you recommendations on long tail keywords. Instead it’s quick to return with short tail keywords. Given the competitiveness behind short tail keywords, this is not good for your SEO Marketing.
  • A free long tail keyword tool doesn’t provide estimates from all the search engines. For example, Google AdWords only show estimates from its search engine; not Yahoo or Bing. This can result in revenue loss for your website or blog.
  • The search engine volume numbers shown on a free long tail keyword tool are not accurate numbers. They’re only estimates, which oftentimes can be very misleading.
  • A free long tail keyword tool is unlikely to provide you with real-time reporting. You need up to the minute data on what will and won’t work for your SEO marketing. No such information with a free long tail keyword; at best, you’ll only get monthly searches information.
  • You’re unlikely to receive emails alerts of what long tail keywords you should start using.

This isn’t intended to persuade you against the free long tail keyword tool; yet it’s obvious that you will hinder instead of help your SEO marketing plans by using it. Considering all the time and effort you put into making your website or blog a success, you don’t want this to happen.

Thus, it’s recommended that you choose a paid long tail keyword tool instead of a free one. I know you might not want to pay, but remember in this case, free isn’t good.

You get what you pay for!

It’s no secret that Hittail is a paid long tail keyword tool – you get a free trial for 30 days. It’s also no secret that with Hittail, you get the following results:

  • Daily or weekly email alerts on long tail keywords worthy of your use.
  • Suggestions on underperforming long tail keywords sure to knock your competitor on its feet.
  • Real-time traffic reporting.

These are just a few of the benefits Hittail offers.

So your choice is simple:

  • Free long tail keyword tool= underachieving website
  • Paid long tail keyword tool= Achieving website

If you choose to be a master of achievement, click here to sign up for Hittail.

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