Gaining Longtail Traffic is Achievable

SEO May 3, 2012

The long tail keyword process has been thoroughly explained here as well as how it’s crucial to your website or blog’s online success. What needs to be discussed now is how to get longtail traffic in the direction of your site.

After all, getting longtail traffic is just as important as engaging in the long tail strategy itself.

What is Longtail Traffic?

Before we jump into how to attract longtail traffic, let’s first define it:

Longtail traffic is comprised of the internet visitors you get from using long tail keywords within your website content. Keep in mind, long tail keywords are longer phrases and more detailed than short keywords.

So with that being explained, here are some pointers on how to attract longtail traffic to your site:

  • First and foremost, include long tail keywords in your content. This is important, especially since websites get over 50% of their traffic from long tail keywords.
  • Don’t waste your valuable time creating articles as long as 1,000 words. This doesn’t bring long tail traffic to your site. At best, it just gives you a chance to add a lot of links within the text.
  • Attract traffic by creating lots of good quality articles instead. This is good because you’re adding fresh content to your site – something Google loves.
  • If you’re creating a YouTube video, you’ll want longtail traffic towards it as well. It’s achievable by following the same rules applied to websites and blogs: choose searchable long tail keywords instead of generic keywords.
  • Run an advertising campaign such as PPC. Bid on long tail keywords that targets what people are looking for.

People use the internet to find answers. With long tail traffic, they can find your site and get the answers they’re seeking.

All you’ve got to do is capture them with long tail keywords embedded within your content.

It’s similar to the old saying, “lead and they will follow.”

In conclusion

Longtail traffic converts very well, so you definitely do not want to overlook this traffic strategy. The benefits that it will bring to your website are certainly worth the hard work and effort it takes to successfully achieve at it.

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  1. Avatar

    You say not to write 1,000 word articles for long tail keywords. I’m curious, how long do you recommend an article being? 500 words? 250 words?

    1. Avatar

      Hi Paul,

      Thanks for reading this blog post.

      From a copywriting perspective, you should write enough words to get your message thoroughly expressed. This can normally be done with 500 words. You can have a few more or less words around this number. This is also provides you with enough room for adding long tail keywords.

      Unless a topic is very complicated, 1,000 words isn’t necessary for expressing your message nor embedding long tail keywords.

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