Your Writing Topic is the Architect of Your Website or Blog

SEO May 8, 2012

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When you write your webpages or blog posts, you naturally consider yourself the creator of these electronic works. Granted, it’s your words; however, the responsibility of these words’ existence comes from your writing topic.

Thus, your writing topic can easily be called “the architect” of your website or blog’s existence.

To better explain it, consider this:

When you’re preparing to write your webpages or blog posts, you already know what your topic is about. Therefore, you write content that focuses on this topic and the message it carries in regards to your website or blog’s purpose.

In short, a writing topic is the core reason for your website or blog’s existence.

Never Underestimate the Power of a Writing Topic!

A writing topic can do more than just shape your webpages and blog posts. Here’s what else it can do:

  • Determine what long tail keywords you should choose. Because you need to optimize your content for the purpose of high search engine rankings, you should use long tail keywords. Based on your writing topic, it’s in your best interest to choose keywords befitting to it.
  • You have better knowledge of which audience to target. Different topics are for different audiences. For instance, if you’re writing about purses, your target audience would be women. You’d attract both men and women if you chose to write about home ownership.
  • Choose the appropriate voice for your content. You know without a doubt that you need content that provides detailed information. However, in what tone should this content be? Keep in mind there’s different tones for different content.

For example, you wouldn’t have a humorous tone for content that’s intended for a funeral home. If your writing topic focuses on a comedy club, you’d lose visitors within a flash of lightning if your content is serious rather than funny.

So, a writing topic can help you determine what tone is right for your content.

In conclusion

If you know your writing topic well (and you should since you’re building a website or blog around it) then you can create content that will present your website or blog in a positive position worthy of conversions.



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