The SEO Keyword Tool: Should You Create Content Without It?

SEO May 10, 2012

You have a website that needs lots of webpages on it in order to represent your business online. Or maybe you have a blog that will also need lots of content – just in the form of blog posts.

You know without a doubt that you want as well as need well-written content that will inform and entertain your visitors. Your biggest question may be whether or not you can create content without using an SEO keyword tool.

The truth to this question is this:

You can create online content without using an SEO keyword tool; however … You will be the only one reading your website or blog!

While you can create informative content in the tone that you wish for it be read in – humorous, serious, heartwarming, etc. – it should be optimized.

Optimization is the key to internet success, and you obtain optimization with the right keywords – which you get from an SEO keyword tool.

To expand more on the importance of using a keyword tool, consider the following:

  • You can research for the exact long tail keywords people are using to find the information that your website or blog offers.
  • By using a keyword tool, you can help increase your site’s traffic. This can happen because by selecting and embedding the right long tail keywords in your content, traffic is directed in your website or blog’s direction.
  • With an excellent choice of long tail keywords at your fingertips, you create writing ideas for your blog posts or webpages that otherwise you wouldn’t have considered.
  • You will rank high on search engines such as Google; thus, making it easier for your website or blog to be found by visitors.

Without a good keyword tool, none of the above is possible. All you have is well-written content that’s basically of no value on the internet due to lack of optimization.

Keep this in mind:

With print, optimization is not necessary; only great writing. However, with the internet, which is replacing print fast, you’ve got to optimize your content if you want online success.

So, to sum it up, creating content without a keyword tool is just too risky. This is a risk certainly not worth taking considering all the time and money you’ve invested in your site.

So skip the risk and play it safe by using an SEO keyword tool. HitTail is a tool that specializes in long tail keywords. Try it now and start finding long tail keywords sure to take your site to the top of the rankings.

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