Is it Ethical to Add Content to a Squarespace Footer’s Bottom?

SEO May 15, 2012

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When you have a website hosted on a publishing service such as Squarespace, you want to add content that’s informative, well-written and optimized with long tail keywords for the sake of attracting web traffic.

It’s wise to place this content throughout your site. However, is it ethical to add content to a Squarespace footer’s bottom?

To answer this question correctly, let’s take a look at a few details in regards to a webpage footer such as Squarespace’s.

For starters, a Squarespace footer’s bottom is simply a separate section from the header, content, and sidebars. It consists of technical information at the bottom of its page.

This technical information can consists of:

  • The website’s copyright
  • The Website author’s name
  • The website’s actual business name
  • Business contact information such as a phone number, address, or email address

All of this technical information is the footer content. It’s obvious that it differs from content placed within the body of the webpages, which provides in-depth details about your product or service.

You can also install Hittail’s code into Squarespace footer’s bottom. For instructions, click here.

So remember that the “meat” of your website, which is the informative, optimized content, should be placed above the Squarespace footer’s bottom; this goes for other hosting sites as well.

How Optimized Content on a Squarespace Footer’s Bottom is Considered Unethical

Content intended for SEO purposes should be placed within the webpage’s body – not the footer’s bottom.

Thus, if you add optimized content to a footer, you’re committing grey or black SEO tactics, a definite no-no in the SEO industry. This is because you’re manipulating search engines with misplaced optimized content.

As a result of these unethical tactics, you’re hindering your website rather than helping it. Given the hard work and time it takes to get a website prepared for the internet world to view, who wants to do this?

So, to answer the original question of whether it’s ethical to add content to a Squarespace footer’s bottom, yes it is ethical; however, only with technical information.


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