Why Increase Organic Traffic with Adwords?

SEO May 24, 2012

We all know that in order to run a business, you must spend money. There’s no way around this fact, especially when it comes to promoting it.

The internet provides various ways to promote a business for the purpose of getting high traffic and rankings. One of those ways is with Adwords. However, before you whip out your credit card to pay for this promotional method, ask yourself this: why increase organic traffic with Adwords – especially when there’s a better solution?

What is Organic Traffic?

For anyone unfamiliar with the term organic traffic, this means traffic that visits your website via search engines. No hyperlinks from other websites or online ads brought this traffic to your website. A high search engine ranking gets credit for giving you an audience.

What is Adwords?

To keep in mind internet newbies unfamiliar with this term, let’s explain it.

Adwords is a column of sponsored links located at the top and on the right side of a search engine page result. These links are based on certain keywords chosen by the buyer.

Here are some hard facts about Adwords:

  • You’re competing with thousands; possibly millions of other websites or blogs for the same keywords.
  • Your chosen keywords are likely generic since Google doesn’t particularly focus on long tail keywords.
  • Although your ads are visible, not all people click these ads. Granted, you only pay for clicks, but this provides little consolation when most people ignore these ads.
  • There have been reported cases of people clicking on their competitor’s ads in order to dry up their funds; thus, ending their ad campaign fast.

Knowing all of these facts brings us back to the original question: why increase organic traffic with Adwords? Why bother when you can use a long tail keyword search tool and get better results – minus the vindictive competitor eating away at your funds?

You have a better shot of internet success with a long tail keyword search tool. As mentioned earlier, your choice of keywords from Adwords will likely be generic.

Don’t shorten your online success like this!

Instead, choose a long tail keyword search tool. Like Adwords, you will have to pay for this. However, what a great investment it is!

By increasing your organic traffic with a long tail keyword search tool, you’ll get:

  • High search rankings based on unique keywords not used by your competitors.
  • The exact audience that’s right for your website or blog based on the right long tail keywords.
  • An audience that’s ready to make a purchase; thus, increasing your revenue.

It was previously mentioned that a higher search engine ranking gets credit for giving you an audience. There’s a twist to this statement: full credit belongs to the usage of long tail keywords.

So why increase organic traffic with Adwords? Unless you like wasting money (and no sensible person does), it actually makes no business sense to use it when there’s a more profitable solution available.



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