A SEO Keyword Tool is Purposeful for E-books

SEO May 31, 2012

Most webpreneurs and bloggers know that a SEO keyword tool is essential to their website and blog’s success. Without it, their chances of online success are slim to none.

What people may not know is that a SEO keyword tool is also crucial to an e-book’s survival online. This is because SEO is just as important with e-books as it is with websites and blogs.

Misconception of SEO and E-books

There are people who mistakenly believe that SEO isn’t important in regards to e-books. They figure just publishing a digital book online is all there is to do in e-publishing.

This is 100% inaccurate.

Anything published online, including e-books, should be optimized. The only publishing that doesn’t require optimization is offline or traditional publishing, i.e. print.

The Purpose of the SEO Keyword Tool

By using a SEO keyword tool, you can drive traffic to e-books that are in the following positions:

  • Being promoted and sold on a website or blog
  • Are a downloadable PDF file
  • Being advertised in a PPC campaign

When it comes to your digital book, it doesn’t matter if it’s free or an income generator. Using a SEO keyword tool for your e-book brings the same results both ways.

Just remember to choose the right long tail keywords when using a SEO keyword tool.

It’s also advisable that after selecting the appropriate long tail keywords, you place them in the following locations of your e-book:

  • The title
  • Throughout the text

Optimizing an e-book is not hard. You follow the same formula as you do when optimizing a website or blog:

  • Make your content informative and interesting.
  • Write the content in a natural tone; making sure your long tail keywords fit properly within the content.

In conclusion, e-books are the perfect way to share your knowledge with the internet audience. Just make sure they can find this brilliant information via search engines. A SEO keyword tool will undoubtedly help you accomplish this marketing goal.

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