The Value of Google: What is it?

SEO Jun 7, 2012

Out of all the internet search engines, Google is the most popular. In fact, if you ask someone how they found your business online, they’re likely to tell you, “I googled it.”

So with millions of people using Google daily to conduct internet searches, this makes Google a high force of dominance. In fact, it even makes you wonder: what’s the value of Google?

There’s two ways to look at the value of Google: for the beneficial purposes of web searchers and for website owners. And in the end, both purposes are effective to your online presence’s success.

The Value of Google for Internet Searchers

The majority of the world population is wired into the internet these days. These people have questions and want information that will provide them with answers. They’re trusting Google to return a listing of websites that will do just that.

In short, internet searchers value Google as being a reliable source for guidance to information. Trust is important to them.

The Value of Google for Websites and Blogs

Make no mistake in thinking that the value that Google offer its searchers doesn’t impact your online business – it does! It’s the core of your website or blog’s success.

Here’s how:

  • People searching the internet type in certain words known as keywords. Since these keywords are likely to be longer than two words, they’re typing in long tail keywords.
  • Google returns with a listing of websites containing these long tail keywords.

As a result of searchers trusting Google, they will feel the websites listed on the result pages are worthy of their online visit; thus, providing them with the information they’re looking for. For the sake of gaining traffic and generating revenue, you will want your website listed on these result pages.

Take Advantage of Google’s Value

The power to take advantage of Google’s value is in your hands. You can embrace this power by doing the following:

  • Including long tail keywords relevant to your site in your content.
  • Writing content that’s easy to read as well as informative.

The value of Google should not be ignored if you want to succeed in the latest marketing tool called the internet. Embrace it by starting a marketing strategy that’s involves the key to ranking high on Google’s search engine: long tail keywords.

Afterwards, let the value of Google work for you by increasing your traffic and revenue – increasing your online value as well.





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