Keyword Statistics: An Important Detail in SEO

SEO Jun 12, 2012

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Owning a website or blog carries responsibilities beyond paying a hosting site. You must make sure your website or blog is reaching the right audience and that you’re providing them with enough information to guarantee their return.

Having a good SEO marketing strategy can ensure you the right traffic. What makes this possible is the usage of long tail keywords – given that you use the appropriate keywords for your content.

Despite using long tail keywords, however, you must still stay on top of your SEO marketing strategy’s goal of gaining traffic.

After all, having success of any kind requires being on top of your goal.

So how do you stay on top of this goal? You do so by closely monitoring your website or blog’s keyword statistics.

What is Keyword Statistics About?

Keyword statistics contain important details that all website owners and bloggers need to know about their selected keywords. Such details are:

  • Search volume: How many people are searching search engines such as Google while using your specified keywords.
  • Local traffic: How many people in a particular local area are searching with your chosen long tail keywords.
  • Global traffic: Like local traffic, how many people in certain countries are searching with your exact keywords.
  • Competition: How many other sites are competing for the same keywords as your website or blog.

Information provided in keyword statistics should be used to your advantage. Here’s how to use it:

  • You can discover which long tail keywords are bringing in the most traffic versus which keywords are bringing the least visitors.
  • Find out where you’re gaining traffic from. For example, notice if internet searches conducted through Google brings you visitors.

In short, keyword statistics is a good way to monitor your websites and the visitors it attracts. You can make improvements to whatever areas need it; thus, improving your traffic and better, your revenue.



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