Keyword Intelligence Equals Good Keyword Usage

SEO Jun 14, 2012

We all know that picking the right long tail keywords produces positive results such as higher rankings, more visitors, and increased revenue. However, there’s an additional method to boost your SEO marketing strategy. It’s called keyword intelligence.

What is Keyword Intelligence?

Keyword intelligence is actually a book written by Ron Jones. Its full title is “Keyword Intelligence: Keyword Research for Search, Social, and Beyond.”

This book is a brilliant read for website owners and bloggers looking to broaden their horizon in regards to keyword research and its impact on SEO, social media and content marketing.

The information offered in this book will enliven your thoughts to possibilities that are certain to enrich your usage of long tail keywords; thus, making your success in SEO, social media and content marketing greater.

The Brilliance of Keyword Intelligence

Following the information from keyword intelligence, here’s what you should consider doing in order to achieve greater online success:

  • Develop a keyword plan for social media. While we tend to recognize keywords’ role in SEO and PPC, we wholly ignore it in regards to social media. If you’re guilty of doing this, stop it immediately.
  • Develop a keyword plan exclusively for social media. This will enable you to understand your target audiences’ specific needs; thus, improving your communication with them.
  • Picking the right keywords along with the right destination content leads to conversions. This is because having your keywords in content that’s relevant for delivering its message will lead visitors to view you as an expert. As a result they’ll return to your site to gain more knowledge.

Conducting Additional Keyword Research

Besides SEO and PPC, it makes sense to conduct keyword research for the following areas:

  • Social Media
  • Local and Mobile
  • Real-time search
  • Print, TV, and radio
  • Display and banner ads
  • Video and image search

When conducting keyword research, keyword intelligence advises it be conducted in the following steps:

  • Brainstorm: Find all the possible keywords relevant to what your message is conveying.
  • Refine: Select only the best keywords for your SEO marketing campaign. To choose poorly performing keywords will harm your marketing efforts.
  • Categorize: Break your chosen long tail keywords into categories. This is important; for while some long tail keywords can be used in more than one category, others may only work well in one.
  • Test: Test the performance of these keywords. It’s important to know which ones are helping you succeed online and which ones aren’t.

In conclusion, keyword intelligence is a brilliant step towards excelling online. Just make sure your choice throughout this process is long tail keywords instead of generic keywords – giving you the best results.


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