A Long Tail Video: Examples of How to Promote Your Business with It

SEO Jun 19, 2012

As webpreneurs and bloggers, you’re already familiar with how helpful long tail videos can be to your online success. If not, you can discover it here.

You’re also familiar with the rising popularity of video blogging, also known as vlogging. Given this, it’s in your best interest to make a long tail video. Examples of what you can discuss in these videos follow:

• Provide lots of details about your business. This especially needs to be done if you’re a new business.

People tend to be interested in new businesses because you could provide a product or service that will improve their lives; so, really sell yourself by providing every detail possible about your business and its benefits to customers.

• Share educational information with others. If you have a blog, chances are it’s a niche blog. As a result, you’re providing information on a particular topic.

For example, if your niche blog is about blogging, create mini vlog lessons that will educate people about everything there is to know about blogging.

• Have a chat session. If you want to make a connection with your audience, create a video blog with you talking directly to them. Be sure to address issues that you believe matters to them.

You can even put an online survey on your site to help you learn what issues your customers are most concerned about. Afterwards, take these issues and make a video blog where you address them.

Remember: people like to believe that businesses actually care about their needs. Show them that you do with a video blog.

These are just a few long tail video examples. Be creative and keep your audience in mind while contemplating ideas.

Remember the Long Tail!

When creating your vlog, it’s extremely important that you remember to use long tail keywords. Remember to place them in:

• The title
• Description
• Tags

Don’t shorten your site’s search engine ranking or profitability by failing to make a long tail video. Examples such as the ones above are too powerful of an impact to do so.

Move your site forward with online videos integrated with long tail keywords. To get started with your long tail keywords, simply join Hittail now.

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