Keyword Research Tools Make Long Tail Research Easier

SEO Jun 21, 2012

Research is a long process. Sometimes it takes multiple sources in order to get the information you’re looking for. Other times you can go to one source and discover everything you need to know about your subject.

Doing keyword research doesn’t take quite as long as researching a topic. Nevertheless, it still requires in-depth research in order to get the best results.

This is why you need to use keyword research tools.

How Keyword Research Tools Help with Long Tail Research

Nobody knows your subject better than you do. In fact, your expansive knowledge makes you an expert.

Although you’re an authority, however, doesn’t mean you can just pull keywords together in your head, insert them in your content, and think “the people will come.”

Online traffic just doesn’t work like this.

Instead you need to use keyword research tools. This is so because:

  • Keyword research tools will enable you to drive your target audience to your website or blog by suggesting favorable organic keywords. There’s no way you can know what terms people are using to find your information without researching it – you might even be surprised!
  • With keyword research tools such as Hittail, you can monitor your site’s visitors in real-time.
  • Let’s be perfectly honest: without the assistance of keyword research tools, you won’t consider long tail keywords for your SEO. Chances are likely you will use one length keywords, i.e. short tail keywords – a surefire way to kill your page ranking!

Remember: Although the information on your site or blog is accurate, it’s not the reason your site will draw traffic or rank well on search engines such as Google.

Instead it’s the long tail keywords properly embedded in them that will make you the master of online success in these areas.

Long tail keywords bring you a substantial amount of traffic (80% or more) – not short tail keywords. This is the very reason to use keyword research tools in this internet age.

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