Using Real Time on a Blog with Traffic versus Real Time on Twitter

SEO Jul 10, 2012

When you think of the internet and the term “real time,” you probably automatically think of Twitter. Log on to Twitter at any time and notice people tweeting their hearts out: some every few minutes; others every few seconds.

It’s just a constant live update of tweets. That’s all real time on Twitter is.

However, real time can also be used in other online capacities. One such capacity is for blog traffic. When you’re using real time on a blog with traffic, it differs completely from Twitter’s version of real time.

In Depth Look at Real Time on a Blog with Traffic

Unlike Twitter’s version of real time, using it in blog traffic requires using a tool such as Hittail. Though the real time in blog traffic isn’t visible, that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t work.

In fact, here’s how Hittail’s version of real time works when installed for the purpose of tracking blog traffic:

You install one line of Javascript code into your blog. Working as an analyzer in the background, this code tracks the best yet underperforming long tail keywords worth targeting.

This data is based exclusively on your blog’s existing traffic. In short, this is how real time on a blog with traffic works when you use a tool such as Hittail.

The Value of Using Real Time on a Blog with Traffic

Besides learning about the best, underperforming long tail keywords to use, having real time installed into a blog with traffic also helps to:

  • Generate writing ideas
  • Plan a SEO strategy
  • Create a PPC campaign
  • Drive more traffic to your blog
  • Garner high search engine rankings

While you might not read a lot about the usage of real time on a blog with traffic, make no mistake in believing it’s not important; for it is. To be frank, it’s important for the sake of knowing the right direction to take your blog in.






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