Five SEO Arguments That Never Cease to Exist

SEO Jul 20, 2012

Every industry has one or more debates. It doesn’t matter what the industry is – health, government, entertainment, etc. – everyone has an opinion of what works and what doesn’t work regarding the industry’s standards.

The newest industry, the internet, is no exception to these arguments. In fact, SEO specialists, webmasters, internet marketers, and content providers engage in SEO arguments.

And they engage in quite a few, too! Some of the most popular SEO arguments are about:

  • Sitemaps
  • URL
  • Keyword density
  • Google dominance
  • Word count

Let’s take a look at each of these SEO arguments.

Sitemaps: Sitemaps inform search engines how important a webpage is as well as how often it’s updated. In spite of the significance of a sitemap, some internet experts believe that sitemaps are useless in regards to link building and indexing.

On the other side of this, those in favor of sitemaps explain this is a quick way to get your site crawled and pages indexed, especially those hard-to-find webpages.

URL: Opponents arguing over URL are strong in their beliefs that only the URL – not the actual title tag or page snippet – is indexed. Proponents have strong beliefs as well, for they believe title tags and page snippets are indexed with Google and other search engines.

Keyword density: This is one of the SEO arguments that dabs into content writing. On one side of the fence, SEO experts argue that keyword density no longer matters; for instead keywords should be written and placed within a natural flow of the content.

Other SEO experts stand firm in their beliefs that keyword density does still matter. Some even go as far as insisting that keywords should be placed every 100 words.

Google dominance: There are people who only care about their websites being indexed on Google; this group of people sees Google as the only search engine with driving power. Others think otherwise and believe that Bing and Yahoo are just as important in gaining traffic to a website.

Word count: Some people swear that word count is key to getting traffic to a website. They are determinedly serious in having at least 500 words worth of content per page.

On the other hand, there are people in the industry who feel that it’s most important that you get your message clearly across to your audience– no matter what the word count is.

So Who’s Right and Wrong in the SEO Arguments?

To say who’s right and wrong in each of these SEO arguments would be another argument within itself. Like so many things in life, these SEO arguments may all be based on individual opinions.

No SEO Arguments Necessary

There’s one fact in the internet industry that not’s debatable: long tail keywords and its efficiency in helping a website rank well on search engines. This fact is simply undeniable and given this, it’s a good reason to explore Hittail.

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