Blogger and SEO: Do They Work Together?

SEO Aug 10, 2012

Blogger is a free blogging platform owned by Google. This popular blog service is chosen by millions of personal and business bloggers.

We all know that sometimes the popular choice is not always the best choice, especially when other elements are involved. In the case of blogging, the other element is SEO.

So, the question here is: are Blogger and SEO compatible?

Yes it is. However, like any free blogging platform, you’ve got to “pull up your sleeves” and optimize it.

How to Make Blogger and SEO Compatible

To optimize your Blogger blog, here are some steps you can take:

Choose an appropriate keyword for your URL. With Blogger, you get a subdomain that looks like this:

Some people think a subdomain hinders your efforts in ranking high with search engines. Others see no problem with using a subdomain.

Using Blogger means using a subdomain; thus, the best thing you can do in this situation is choose an effective and appropriate keyword to place in your subdomain.

Place a keyword in your title that’s relevant to your content. Taking this important step is bringing Blogger and SEO together as one. This is because your keyword is optimized. Include keywords in your subheadings as well.

Add keyword rich content on a regular basis. Google loves content. Optimized content is even better. So with your well-written content on Blogger and SEO combined as one, you’ll rank well on search engines.

Never Assume Anything … Especially with Google

Don’t assume that because Google owns Blogger, your website will automatically rank high on its search engine result pages. You must work hard at mastering SEO just as anyone who uses WordPress.

So don’t fear using Blogger with SEO marketing. You can garner high search engine rankings. It’s all just a matter of having a good SEO marketing strategy – which goes back to having the right selection of keywords.

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