Why Analyze Keywords?

SEO Aug 20, 2012

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Observation is an important part of doing business. It is, after all, how a business learns what satisfies and dissatisfies their customers. It’s also how you “spy” on your competitor; thus, learning what their formula for success is.

While observation is common practice in regards to studying your competitor, why analyze keywords?

A keyword is just that – a word! So why waste time studying something that isn’t in the form of a brick and mortar, i.e., a business?

Reality check: you’d be crazy not to analyze keywords!

Why You Should Analyze Keywords

In the internet world, keywords are more than just words. When properly selected and used as part of your marketing strategy, keywords can be empowering.

This is stated because keywords can enhance your online presence in two powerful ways:

  • Increasing your website’s traffic with the appropriate audience for your particular niche.
  • Increasing your revenue by bringing you an audience ready to take actions that generates an income for you (click on your monetizing ads; purchase your merchandise, etc.
  • Garner you high rankings on search engines such as powerhouse Google.

Important: Analyze the Right Keywords!

To succeed at anything, you must have the right tools. Keywords are no different. So, if you’re going to analyze which keywords are right for you, be sure to remember two things:

  • Choose long tail keywords for the best results.
  • Use a long tail keyword research tool such as Hittail for your selection.

Using generic or short tail keywords aren’t even worth analyzing because it won’t get you good results. Your site will be just another virtual existence that’s largely ignored – thanks to generic keywords.

On the other hand, when you analyze long tail keywords, you’ll quickly discover that your keyword selection is unique with low competition. It’s highly unlikely that your site will share the same long tail phrase as another site.

Furthermore, your content will simply read better – a treat for readers who value reading good content versus crappy content.

So to fully sum up the question, “why analyze keywords?” the answer is quite simple: because you want a successful website and not a virtual flop.


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