How to Increase Organic Traffic to Your Website

Growth Hacking Aug 29, 2012

When you create a website, you’re not doing it for the sake of having virtual space. You’re building it to run a business; to earn an income.

So what you need is a massive audience. You achieve this type of audience when you manage to increase organic traffic towards your website.

What is Organic Traffic?

While many internet marketers, SEO strategists, bloggers, etc. might be familiar with organic traffic, there are still newbies entering the internet industry with little to no knowledge of what organic traffic is.

So, for those individuals, organic traffic is defined below:

Organic traffic is free traffic originating from search engines such as Google. It’s the best traffic to receive because it means your website is actually being visited by people interested in your product or service.

With organic traffic, there’s no need to pay for your site to be listed. Instead, use the appropriate long tail keywords and a brilliant SEO strategy to increase traffic to your website.

Tips on Increasing Organic Traffic

Whether you’re an internet newbie or veteran, the following tips will increase organic traffic to your website:

1. Choose long tail keywords appropriate for your content.

When you place long tail keywords throughout your web content, search engines will list your website on its results pages whenever web visitors search for your particular keywords.

That’s why it’s important to choose long tail keywords instead of short keywords. For long tail keywords will have a better combination of the words searchers type into the search engines.

For more details on what long tail keywords are and how you can benefit from targeting them, see this great infographic.

2. Keep your website’s content fresh.

When you keep the content on your website updated, search engines consider this a good step towards targeting visitors to your site; thus, causing your site to become indexed. In return, you’ll see higher rankings.

But how can you keep posting new content when you are limited with your website’s niche? This article will give you great ideas on how to spice up your content and keep it fresh.

3. Increase organic traffic by building links.

Links are favorable in Google’s eyes. They’re viewed as evidence that your site is popular and important to people.

Guest blogging is a great way to build links. This is because you’re embedding a link, which links back to your site, within the blog post.

Please note that it’s in your best interest to place links on sites that are in good standing with search engines. These 4 link-building strategies will help you get started.

4. Submit to link directories.

Link directories such as Google and can generate some traffic to your domain. If you have a blog, submit it to blog directories such as Technorati and Blog Catalog.

5. Participate in social media.

Whether you use Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or even the latest craze, Pinterest, is entirely up to you. Just use these social networks to increase organic traffic towards your site.

Keep the internet world up to date on all the latest details happening at your web address via social media. These 7 social media tips will help you boost your SEO efforts.

Now that you know how to increase organic traffic to your website, get started in building your audience now!

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