Blogger and SEO: Can These Two Work Well Together?

SEO Sep 20, 2012

There are several blog publishing services available. Blogger and WordPress are the two most popular.

While it’s a known fact that WordPress works well in regards to SEO, what about Blogger? Can Blogger and SEO work well enough together for a blogger to proclaim their blogspot blog a success?

Let’s take an in-depth look at this.

Why Some People Use Blogger

There are a number of reasons why people use Blogger. Some of these reasons are:

  • It’s free
  • They’re still learning about blogging and Blogger is a training tool for them
  • It’s owned by search engine giant Google

Two of these three reasons are a turnoff for some bloggers, however.

Why Some People Don’t Use Blogger

Although Blogger is free and owned by Google, some people still feel it’s not the best choice for a blogging platform. Their reasons include:

  • Blogger has an amateurish look
  • It’s not a self-hosted blog
  • You don’t seem authoritative as oppose to a self-hosted WordPress blog
  • Subdomains aren’t memorable as domain names
  • Search engines overlook Blogger blogs
  • SEO doesn’t work whatsoever on Blogger

The last reason is the main reason some bloggers refuse to use Blogger. SEO is too important of a factor to result in failure.

However, should you really expect to fail if you use Blogger and SEO together?

The answer is no. Despite what the naysayers say, Blogger and SEO really can work together in harmony.

How to Make Blogger and SEO Work Together

You have something to say and it should be read by the internet audience. If you choose to use Blogger as your blogging platform to express your thoughts, then do so successfully.

Gain that success by following these tips in regards to combining Blogger with SEO:

  • Select your blog’s name by choosing a keyword relevant to your blog’s topic. This is extremely important since your blog’s name will appear in the URL, which in turn, will be picked up by search engines.
  • Since title tags appear in search engines and browsers, make sure you optimize this important piece of text. Furthermore, make sure it’s relevant to your blog’s content.
  • Embed your blog’s content with relevant keywords, particularly long tail keywords. Using a long tail keyword search tool such as Hittail can help you select the best long tail keywords; thus, making Blogger and SEO work superbly together as one.
  • Add subheadings to your content. Be sure these subheadings contain long tail keywords.
  • Promote your blog. The same methods you would use to promote a WordPress blog (social media, pinging, search engine submission, guest blogging, link building, etc.) are applicable for a Blogger blog as well.

So Blogger and SEO success can be achieved. All it takes is great strategic planning – just as it does for WordPress.

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    Dale H

    It is possible to purchase a domain and do away with the sub-domain. I got mine for 4.99 on Go Daddy, and then did the settings, and presto, my own private domain with Blogger hosting it. There is a new format on the overall look of Blogger now…the lay out has changed.

    I had left Blogger several years ago as the layout was not very attractive.

    Also, now, Google Adsense ads are very easy to incorporate, which it good as I make earnings from that. No codes or anything to put in. A couple of clicks and presto, you have Google Adsense ads appearing.

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    SEO does work for blogger.. Especially if you tweak the source code.

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      You’re very welcome! I’m glad you were able to find the information you needed. Thanks for reading!

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