Having a Top Keyword Search List is Important

Articles Oct 1, 2012

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 Every business has a main product that they promote more so than their other products. For instance, a television network can have several new shows debuting during a certain season; however, out of those shows, there will be two or three shows that they promote more than they do the others.

This method of doing business works the same way with online businesses. In this case, online businesses use a top keyword search list that they follow; thus, using certain keywords more than others.

What is a Top Keyword Search List?

A top keyword search list is nothing more than a listing of keywords that are the most important keywords to your SEO campaign. In other words, these primary keywords are the main keywords that you’re relying on to draw traffic to your website via the search engines.

Three Reasons to Have a Top Keyword Search List

Never underestimate the importance of placing priority on certain keywords. Even with long tail keywords, it’s wise to have a top keyword search list that your SEO campaign will be based on.

And here’s why:

  • So you can be certain about which keywords are best for your website content, PPC campaign, blogs, etc.
  • You will know which keywords to monitor in regards to driving the most traffic to your site.
  • To keep a close eye on which long tail keywords result in higher conversion rates for your website, i.e., which keywords lure visitors to sign up for your site’s newsletter, contact your business, purchase your product, etc.

How to Create a Top Keyword Search List

The best way to create a top keyword search list is by using a keyword research tool. This way you have an accurate idea of what will and won’t work for your SEO campaign.

If you’re using long tail keywords, consider using a long tail keyword research tool such as Hittail, which is geared towards long tail keywords.

As you create your top keyword search list, keep in mind that these keywords must also read naturally within your content. You want visitors to understand what you’re expressing, and for this reason, long tail keywords are your best choice for creating a top keyword search list.

So as you prepare your SEO campaign, be sure to include a top keyword search list as an important part of your strategy planning.

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