Sync Your HitTail To-Do Lists with Basecamp

Announcements Nov 9, 2012

Today, we are very pleased to announce that HitTail now integrates with Basecamp, the leading project management system by 37signals.

HitTail + Basecamp

Millions of small teams worldwide use Basecamp to manage their projects, and now you can automatically sync your HitTail to-do lists with your Basecamp projects. As you add keywords to your to-do lists, they will appear in Basecamp with a note to publish an article for this keyword. When you finish it, you can check it off right in Basecamp and HitTail will update as well. Pretty cool, right?

To get started, follow these steps:

  • Visit the new HitTail Integrations page
  • Click “Link my account now” under Basecamp
  • Choose a Basecamp to-do list for each of your sites here
  • Visit your HitTail To-Do page to sync up with Basecamp

That’s it! Your HitTail to-dos will appear in your chosen Basecamp list momentarily. As you add and check off to-dos, your lists will stay in sync. Learn more here.

We hope you find this new integration useful!

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