Top Keywords Tools: Why Use Them?

Articles Dec 10, 2012

For most website owners and bloggers, having an online business is about being free from the 9-to-5 job and making money. For these two reasons alone, you want to drive your online business to success.

To reach this accomplishment, you need a great marketing strategy. This of course, means engaging in SEO. However, does success also call for the usage of the top keywords tools?

Yes it does.

Why You Should Use the Top Keywords Tools

The reason you should use the top keywords tools is because not all keyword tools are the same. With some keyword search tools, you get mostly a large result of generic keywords, also called short tail keywords.

Short tail keywords won’t drive traffic to your website because it puts you in high competition with thousands of other websites using the same terms. You definitely won’t garner success like this!

Furthermore, you actually get a limited listing of keywords. Even the estimates are inaccurate, which can be misleading in regards to using the right keywords.

Using a Top Keyword Tool Means Better Results

When you use one of the top keyword tools, you get much better results: long tail keywords. These are better because:

  • These keywords are unique to your content
  • It attracts the exact audience you’re seeking
  • Your website or blog will rank high on search engine result pages such as Google
  • You see long tail keywords resulting from all search engines instead of just one

Additionally, using one of the top keywords tools such as Hittail takes you a step further: the buying phase. When most people type in certain keywords, particularly long tail keywords, they are ready to make a purchase.

Not so, however, with short tail keywords. People typing in generic keywords are likely still researching; therefore, they’re not ready to spend money yet.

You want the searchers who are ready to spend money. This is why using the right keyword tool is so important.

Otherwise, you could possibly lose out on revenue – lots of it.


So if you’re still wondering why you should use the top keywords tools, the answer is obvious: to successfully run your own profitable online business.

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