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Articles, SEO Jan 1, 2013

As the New Year settles in, you’ll want to take your SEO efforts further. You’ll want to see better results in 2013 than you did in 2012.

This is understandable; after all, who wants to work hard without having any successful results?

So with this being the case, there are some top SEO tools that can help you excel in your SEO strategies. Of course, one of those top SEO tools is Hittail.

However, there are a few other SEO tools that can assist you in other areas in your SEO campaign besides keyword research. It would be wise to include them as part of your SEO strategy as well.

Thus, here are the top SEO tools you should use to heighten your SEO marketing to another level:

  • Keyword density checker: This SEO tool informs you how much percentage certain keywords appear in your content. This is definitely a good tool to use since some websites still concentrate on a keyword’s percentage.
  • Link popularity checker: Discover how many websites are linking to your website.
  • SEO analyzer: Use this SEO tool to detect issues in your website’s pages. Also receive suggestions on how to fix them. A great diagnostic tool!
  • Number of pages indexed: Learn how many of your website pages are indexed by search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and AltaVista, to name just a few.
  • Speedtester: Nobody likes to wait beyond a second for a website to load. It can cause people to click away. Thus, this is the purpose of this SEO tool: to determine how long it takes your website to load.
  • XML Sitemap Generator: More of a technical matter, this SEO tool locates broken links on your site.

2013 SEO Goals

So as you can clearly see, the top SEO tools each offer invaluable help to your website. Given this knowledge you should make it your goal in 2013 to use all of them – for the purpose of making next year your most successful year online.

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