Ten SEO Copywriting Tools That Every Copywriter Needs

Content Jan 10, 2013

SEO Copywriting ToolsWhen it comes to SEO copywriting, there’s more to it than creating killer headlines and informative content. As a copywriter, you must use SEO copywriting tools that will help you write effective content that’s not only optimized, but also purpose driven.

So, here are ten SEO copywriting tools that will help you function effectively in your SEO copywriting duties:

1. Copyscape. This tool detects plagiarism for your copy. This is a necessity these days since there are tons of texts available across the internet covering each and every topic, while having unique content is a must when you write for SEO. This tool can be used for free when you check your copy on an already published web-page. Simply enter a page link and Copyscape will check the content of that page to see if there are any identical texts elsewhere on the Web. If you want to check the text for duplicates before even publishing it on a web-page, you would have to upgrade to a paid plan.

2. Keyword density calculators. Keywords are an important part of SEO copywriting. Keyword density, however, has little to no influence on your web-page rankings. You definitely need to include target keywords across your articles, but be careful to not overuse them. Otherwise, your copy may look as keyword stuffed, be completely unreadable and even penalized by Google.

Generally, you may seek for keyword density of 0,5-3%. The following keyword density calculators can inform you of the percentage:

  • Live Keyword Analysis is a free web-based tool that will help you to check keyword density of your unpublished copy. You can simply paste your text into an online form, specify target keywords and let the tool do the rest for you.
  • Keyword Density Analysis Tool – a free web-based tool from Internet Marketing Ninjas that allows you to check the most repeated words and keyword phrases on a given web-page. Just enter a URL of the web-page you want to check and let it do its work.

3. Search engine spider simulators. Content is king, especially with search engines. As a SEO copywriter, you not only want your content to be valuable to your audience, but to search engines too. You can discover how your site is viewed by search engines with the following search engine spider simulators:

4. Thesaurus. Even if you are an experienced writer, you may be short for words from time to time or need to double check the meaning of a term or a phrase. Below are the most popular tools that will help you to find the right words:

5. Rhyme. You might want to write a rhyming sentence, but you’re at a loss for words. Rhyming tools can help you find words that… rhyme. Rhymezone.com is a free web-based app that should be of great help here.

6. Another tool that can help you with wording is Unsuck-it.com. If you’ve stuck with a business jargon word or phrase that doesn’t fit your text’s flow well, give it a try.

7. Stock photo sites. Your articles should include pictures to express their messages. This is where free and paid stock photo sites come into play. Simply type in a keyword and stock photos similar to that topic will appear for download. Here are some great stock photo sites:

8. A word processing tool for composition, editing, formatting, printing and publishing of documents. Depending on your preferences the following options are available:

Microsoft Word. While this isn’t a free application, it’s well worth every penny if you’re a copywriter. It’s, probably, the most comprehensive word processor available on the market that provides virtually all editing features you may need. You have a variety of choices to save your document as: PDF, Word document (DOC/DOCX), Plain Text, Rich Text Format, Works, and even an HTML page. Additionally, Microsoft Word has a built-in dictionary with synonyms.

Since SEO copywriting is based on word count, you can keep track of it with Word’s built in word count toolbar. Another bonus is its hyperlink function. Since links are essential in SEO content, Word enables you to create links within your text.

However, it’s by far not the only word processing tool available on the market. And here are decent free alternatives:

  • OpenOffice – a free downloadable office suite that includes a word processor, which is quite similar to Microsoft Word. It also runs on all major platforms, including Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac and Linux.
  • LibreOffice – yet another free office suite for desktops. This one is almost the same as the OpenOffice. Supports Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac and Linux.
  • Google Docs – a free web based application that can be accessed virtually from any device, be it a desktop, mobile, or tablet.
  • Microsoft Word Online – a web-based version of Microsoft Word mentioned above. Not as flexible as the desktop application, but can be used for free.

9. Google Alerts. As a copywriter, you work hard to create unique content. And it’s that uniqueness that makes your website stand out from the others. That’s why if someone has plagiarized your content you’ll want to know about it, at which time Google Alerts will inform you whenever this happens.

10. Keyword research tools. This is actually where you should start from when you write for SEO. There are tons of keyword research tools that offer different functionality, but when you are looking for keyword ideas, you may want to try the following:

  • Google Keyword Planner – a free tool that generates related keyword phrases based on seed keywords that you enter. This is, probably, all you need most of the time to get a decent list of keyword ideas on-demand.
  • HitTail – you may also want to try our tool that generates long tail keywords by analyzing your website’s existing traffic. You can set it once and it will work in the background, giving you a constant flow of new topic ideas related to your website or blog.

Copywriting is a demanding career. Hopefully, these ten SEO copywriting tools will make your life much easier.

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